About me

The first thing you would notice about me is that I hate talking about myself. Actually this is the first time that I actually have started talking about myself. Because I really believe, there are far more interesting things in the world to talk about – like why the hell did Rowling stop at 7. But, mainly I spend my days listening. There is so much to learn, to wonder about. Every experience that I have had in my life so far, good or bad, has taught me something. It is as if, fate is a benign sculptor. Gently chiseling away at me while adding new layers of clay – and changing me everyday. While waves of change are good, there should be a shore for the waves to break on. Some constant, a center if you will. Guess that’s what people call “The Soul”.

Grimescene, as I lovingly call my blogging avatar, is a piece of that soul. It isn’t updated very often, and is not a gruesome representation of my daily indulgences. It is more like an editorial – for my soul to speak out, about things which affect it.

I hope you enjoy reading my words… as much I enjoy writing them.