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What began as a whim a few years back is today Google’s single largest marketing tool. As if to answer the question “What can Google do with that limited space available on its extremely simple homepage?” – the Google Doodle has actually become one of those cultural signposts on the internet – an anchor without which the web would be a constantly changing mass of “stuff”. No matter what happens – one can be sure that the Google doodle will, from time to time, entertain us and remind us of obscure – yet interesting – occasions, birthdays and anniversaries.

But, even Google needs to up its doodling once in a while – and this they did with the wildly popular Google Doodle which marked Les Paul’s 96th birthday.

In a world where that name wouldn’t even strike a simple “C” chord in most minds, that particular Doodle has made him more immortal than Jimmy Page, Slash, Paul McCartney, Pete Townshend and Frank Zappa ever could. The web is abuzz with tips and tricks on how to play the simple 10 note guitar – and brilliant and not-so-brilliant compositions are cropping up all around. But all doodles come to an end. (24hrs is the typical life of a doodle) So it came as a pleasant surprise when Google announced that the Les Paul Doodle is here to stay!!


Now you can safely compose “Bye Bye Bye” for your music teacher and strum away on the addictive 10 note web-guitar – till you develop some form of Carpal-tunnel.