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“It Just Works”

That is the tagline that goes with the new iCloud. And probably is true too. Finally Apple is getting into the space which Google has been developing and populating with applications, since the past few years. If any of you have every owned an Android device – you would be familiar with how the moment you log-in to your Google account – everything gets synced. Your address books, calendars, documents (on Google docs), Picasa photos, Music on Google Music… everything.

Now this happens on Apple. To quote Sheldon Cooper in Big Bang Theory – “Bazinga!”

Seriously… is there no end of Apple infused hubris? And Steve Jobs came out of hibernation for this. If the stock doesn’t tank after this – I am changing my planet.

Microsoft – this is where you guys strike. Apple has lost the plot… and they have become a victim of their own hype.