No really… this is a test post. To see if I can still write.

Turns out, I can. Self-deprecating humor aside… this was a test of the new world of Windows Live. You see, all the recent hullaballoo about Apple overtaking Microsoft as the world’s most valuable technology company, has awoken the starry-eyed teenager who took his baby steps into the world of computing on his Windows 95 enabled Compaq Presario – 16 years ago. Though today I am none the wiser, a lot of what I do today and have done in my adult life so far has been in some way touched by the cheery nerd at Redmond.

So I decided to rekindle the dormant Microsoft “fan-club” within me by adopting all that they have to offer which is not a browser, OS or Office Productivity software.

Take Windows Live for instance. I have been using live email for a couple of years now and I have to say it is not annoying. In fact, it has slowly superseded gmail as my default mail carrier. It has great spam filters, is fast, and gives a great domain name of “live.com”. But Windows Live doesn’t end there.


Check the above link – and you can download a host of free applications from an offline mail client (like Outlook Express), to a photo organizer, online backup and my favorite – a blog writer. I am on it right now, and it really is much snappier than the WordPress dashboard – and easier to use too. For example – can I do a print screen and directly paste into my WordPress dashboard without incurring the CSS wrath? Here I can… 😉


This is what the Windows Live Blog Writer looks like. It even shows my categories and tags and best of all, like a WYSIWYG (What You See is What You Get) editor I can do a real time preview by just clicking the Preview tab at the bottom.


It is really as easy as using MS Word.

Also unbeknownst to the Facebook obsessed universe Microsoft has quietly released the Windows Live Network – which automatically collects your contacts from the various other networks you are on and works sort of like an aggregator.

The problem with MS has always been the fact that they have always been more of a revenue-oriented company. But I have been to Redmond and seen the atmosphere in the halls of the company and met the engineers who work there. These guys are as nerdy as the hippies roaming the halls in Mountain View. What MS needs to do is wear the “nerdiness” on their sleeve. Let the love for technology flow out. Microsoft needs to “free up” a little.

The revenues are gonna flow anyway. As Mr.Ballmer so un-subtly put it – 94% of people still buy a Windows enabled computer. What he now needs to do is not take us for granted and show us the human side of Microsoft. Maybe then we will start taking them seriously again.