Movie Title: Kick-Ass

Genre: Action / Comedy / Insane

Director: Matthew Vaughn (of Stardust fame – and Guy Ritchie’s best man)

Plot: Dave Lizewski (Aaron Johnson) is very ordinary 17 year old. He is so ordinary that he does not even stand out amongst his group of really ordinary friends. Until he decides to do something special – and buys a superhero costume off eBay and becomes “Kick-Ass”. Of course, having no superpowers or talent or strength to speak of – he soon lands in the hospital with destroyed nerve-endings and plates all over his puny body. It is then, that he realizes the presence of the “other” superheroes. A Father & Daughter team – Big Daddy (Nicolas Cage) and Hit Girl (12 year old Chloe Moretz). The story then revolves around how he teams up with them to fight uber-violent druglord Frank D’Amico.


Sounds ordinary enough? You couldn’t be more mistaken. Because Kick-Ass is a movie so insane in scope and execution that it will blow your socks off. I saw this movie in Manhattan – and rarely have I seen the New York audience clap at the end of a movie. Here, spontaneous applause erupted at the AMC multiplex in Times Square. Here are 10 reasons I can think of, why you should quit whatever you are doing and watch this crazy movie.

10) It is the most realistic and believable (though very implausible) “Superhero” movie that you will ever see. Actually it is not really a Superhero movie as much as it is a violent coming-of-age movie…

9) It is really very funny. Dark Funny… but laugh-out-loud funny. I dare you not to smile through the gore and blood on screen. It is like Superbad meets Kill-Bill. Go figure.

8) Mark Strong (Body of Lies) plays one of the most memorably violent villains in recent history. Like a Christof Waltz in the middle of Manhattan in 2010.

7) The fight sequences are unbelievable. And beautiful. Mark Vaughn does a Tarantino here – with style. Blood and limbs flow like there is no tomorrow.

6) The language is terrible. But, that’s what makes this movie what it is –  a no-holds-barred tour-de-force  of blood, guts and glory.

Kick-Ass and Hit-Girl team up

5) It has Lyndsy Fonseca. 🙂 (Go to google. Now.)

4) The movie takes Spiderman and eats it for breakfast. Some of the scenes are – sorry for the repetition – insane. Consider the scene which introduces Nic Cage (finally a role which befits his abilities) and his 12 year old daughter. When he shoots her, point-blank, in the chest – the audience let out a collective gasp. Crazy.

Nic Cage & Chloe Moretz as Big Daddy and Hit Girl

3) It makes to root for the characters through their trials and failures – like no movie has in such a long time.

2) All performances are strong and believable. The editing is crisp and the storytelling is flawless – there is nary a dull moment.

1) The biggest reason for all – Hit Girl. This is a 12-year old, cussing like sailor, fighting like Uma Thurman on steroids, killing – nay – decimating bad guys thrice her size as if they were mere toothpicks to her pony tailed unbelievably cute Gorilla. Chloe Moretz is a revelation. Move aside Dakota Fanning & Haley Joel – the real child star has arrived. If there is one lesson I learned from this romp, it is to treat little girls with respect.

Hit Girl

I hope Kick-Ass comes to Indian theaters soon… I will be the first one to see it again. As of now Beg, borrow and download – but watch it. It is a kick-ass experience you will not forget in a hurry.