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Quick, everyone, name one Norwegian product or service that you use and know about.

How many could you think of? Well, I could think of just one – Opera. (Dee… Salmon doesn’t count… ) Opera is a browser. And as far as browsers are concerned – it always has been a couple of steps ahead of the competition. Unfortunately, what they have in technology, they lack in marketing. I have loved Opera, the pages load fast, it never crashes, has native support for torrent files – has everything that one would want from a browser.

Now the salmon munching nerds have gone ahead and changed the game again – with Opera Unite. If you haven’t used Opera yet, there can’t be a better reason than Unite. To describe Unite in very simple words – “It is a “server” embedded into your “client” – i.e. your browser. Ok – if that didn’t sound simple enough, here’s another way to put it. Your browser only receives, downloads and views pages right? Unite allows your Opera browser to actually transmit data (videos, songs, documents etc.) over the internet – as if you were running your own website.

So what does this mean? This means that you can effectively stop using Flickr or Picasa. All you need to do is share your photos using Unite – which will give you a link, which you can send to your friends around the world. All they need to do is go to that link, type in the password (if you have set one) and access your photos directly from your computer – on their browsers. The same thing with music. You can share your music, and anyone from around the world can listen to that music on their browsers!

Opera Unite

The simplicity of the whole thing is refreshing and even the most novice can set the whole thing up in minutes – without having to understand the intricacies of a client-server system…

How do I use it? Simple – I have complete access to my 10000 song collection on my home PC – even from my office. All I do is put in the link to my Opera Unite server into my browser in my office computer – and I can browse through my entire collection and listen to any song I like.

Opera Unite is breath of fresh air in the browser scene, where everyone obsesses with speed… this literally gives the true power of the internet into the hands of the ordinary user. Try Opera Unite with the Opera Browser  here:


Enjoy! 😉