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Sometimes there just isn’t enough reason to write something is there? Blogging, some say, can become a habit. Like digging one’s ear and then ingesting the dug out wax. If that is true – then I somehow missed the memo. It’s been a month since I wrote, but not once were strong electric pulses running haywire in my body, sending signals to my brain – “Blog, you lazy ass, blog!” – thus enveloping me in a catatonic haze and driving my uncontrolled limbs to tackle an unsuspecting keyboard and hammering out a few ineffectual words. Nope… didn’t happen once. So I wonder. How does Lena Chen do it? Or Aamir Khan or Amitabh Bachchan. Or even Ross from PlanetRoss. I salute thee, O serial blogger.

Nevertheless, 2010 began with news of a terrible disaster from across the seas. Millions of people were effected, and the horrific images on screen with the suffering and the real human drama has left even more completely disillusioned and demoralized. As for me, I have started to question if God really exists. The real pain of the people involved, unfolding every minute of the world’s news networks with relentless persistence, has shaken the very foundations of human faith. Yes, Conan O’ Brien definitely deserved a better break. I mean, come on, the guy is really funny. Irritating, but funny. And the best part is, when he is on screen, there is no big jaw to distract from the jokes. Speaking of big jaws, his nemesis Jaw – sorry – Jay Leno – bumped off from his prime late night show time – has made a dramatic comeback to his original spot – showing once and for all who’s the big daddy of late night television. “Will he? Won’t he?” The suspence was palpable. People were transfixed onto their screens and glued to the entertainment section of their newspapers – as this late night duel of the funnies reached a fever pitch with Conan and Jay taking potshots at each other like a modern version of Laurel and Hardy. Even other Late Night show hosts joined the fray with Jimmy Kimmel saying “Listen, Jay, Conan (O’Brien) and I have children. All you have to take care of is cars. We have lives to lead here. You have $800 million. For God’s sake, leave our shows alone!”

As for me; I am stunned by the unfairness of it all. I mean, think about it – NBC thinks Jay is getting old and boring, brings in fresh blood and gives (not entirely deserving) Conan a chance of a lifetime; NBC doesn’t know what to do with Jay and pushes him to a late night spot that isn’t really late night; realizes that people aren’t watching Jay at 10:30 because most people have better things to do at that time than watch Jaws over and over again; realizes in horror that people are not even watching Conan because, well, lets face it – people don’t want to watch Jack’s beanstalk over and over again either; decides to push Jay back to his original spot; Conan protests and threatens to quit and in a classic case of be careful what you wish for, his bluff is called; So now Conan – with children and all – is without a job and people are back to watching Jaws reruns. And all this drama when millions of real people are going through real hell just a few hundred kilometers off the coast of the US.

You wanna waste your time… do it here: https://my.care.org/site/Donation2?5000.donation=form1&df_id=5000  Meanwhile I will post the link to Conan’s 401K funds when I get it.

Happy 2010, the year, which like this blog, has had a sucky start.