Dear Loved One,

i am writing this because I can sense you are unhappy. If I was Deepak Chopra, I would have probably written a book for you, which would guide you to your “inner spiritual well” or something like that. But as I am poor working professional, a letter is all I can spare.

You are a special and rare person in many ways. You have tried very hard to live life beyond its boundaries, like a bird which enjoys every second its time in the sky and wants to drink the nectar from every flower, dull or colorful, and wants to sing its song in every orchard, ripe or barren. Humans, owing to the fact that they aren’t birds, are not built out-of-the-box to do that. Only special and rare humans, like you, can live the life of birds and launch themselves in flight, weightless and free.

But, my loved one, I see that flight has stopped being second nature to you. And it hurts me.

Maybe, every human-bird, has to eventually give in to the inadequacies of the human form. Maybe, you fought too hard against the winds, dust and debris and you are tired. Maybe, the world has coerced and manipulated you into believing that you are earth-bound like the rest of us, and now, surrounded by the faux-comfort of fellow humans – you are afraid to fly again. When in reality you are different from the rest of us. You are rare in that your words and actions spring forth, unencumbered by human selfishness, like a birdsong which spreads joy and forgiveness. You are special in that your desires are small and simple – you want to fly and you want to keep singing your songs.

This is what I love in you. I have always believed that you have spiritual clarity – way more than I can ever imagine of possessing. So why are you lost in the mire of dos and don’ts, rules and dogmas – when such man-made cages cannot hope to ever imprison your birdsong? Why are  you afraid to give things up – when these things were never really ours to own? Why are you afraid of losing your cage, when in truth, you had flown from it, a long time ago? Why are you afraid to leave the ground, when all you have ever wanted in your life, is to breathe the open air of the skies?

If I am an object of your desires and a recipient of your love, I am very fortunate for that. But, if you think this love will give you wings to fly again, you may be mistaken. Because I cannot give you something you already possess. I cannot put the song back on your lips, because the tune has always been in you. And it is because the birdsong is silent and unheard, that the cage around you is starker than ever and the sky is darker than ever.

I need you to fly again. Not because you need to escape the cage but because you need to find the bird within you again. Because the world is a more beautiful place because of your song. All I will do is protect you and shelter you from the human world. Once you discover your flight, my loved one, you will discover that cages have no place in your world, and all the humans who love you and cherish you, will look up to you in awe and admiration. Because that’s when your true beauty will shine and your true happiness will manifest. Like a Birdsong from the skies.

Yours Always