One of my favorite commercials on television is the one where a father and son are walking by a line of shops with the father not letting the kid gaze at toys in shop windows, when suddenly the father himself finds himself affixed in front a Fiat showroom. Gazing at something beautiful… the Linea.

The Linea, has been Fiat’s fastest selling car in India (atleast in recent times) – and for good reason. There is quite simply nothing like it on Indian roads. In other words – it stands out. And everytime you see its dynamic curves, you find something new about it. The sweeping A-pillar, the hawk like stance, the high rear end… it is Italian styling at its zenith. Well almost.

Enter the Fiat Grande Punto. The auto enthusiasts in India have been waiting for the car for years now… and finally today, the official release statement came in. And frankly blew me apart. It is the most understated, yet eye-poppingly beautiful cars I have ever seen – especially on Indian roads. There is nothing special about the design… just the way it all comes together like a Neruda verse, or the strokes of Da Vinci. Poetry.

And the best part? 3.99 Lakhs (399000) – starting. Want to spend more? No problems… goes all the way up to 6.11. Superb pricing if you ask me, and will redefine the overcrowded mid-sized hatchback market. More importantly, for the first time, the Swift has competition in terms of value for money, looks and performance.

Here are some views… but the real beauty will only dawn on seeing it for real.

Now only if Fiat can assure its prospective buyers that all service related issues will be solved… this car will surely rock. Andย  Indian roads will start looking beautiful again… Can’t wait to test drive this one!