Dear Readers, last year, I was involved in the creation and launch of a new open thought leadership discussion forum called Unstructure. It stood apart from the crowd, as it was aimed squarely at working professionals, while connecting them with a “mentorship committee” formed by renowned contemporary thinkers such as Tarun Khanna and Oliver Marks. Unstructure was designed to spawn open conversations which were guided towards a mandate. It was a fair start and if the world’s attention wasn’t drawn back to the economic collapse – it would have been a great start.

I am happy to announce that Unstructure is back in a new improved avatar. The look and feel itself is young and dynamic. It is now easier to participate and a great place to read from the new bunch of thinkers, who will come on board as the year progresses. The first topic of discussion itself is a “firecracker”.

Roberto Masiero – President of IDC International – has asked a very simple question: “How do you think digital technologies will help Human Development?” He goes on to introduce a simple model called the “Diamond of Digital Innovation” which can be used to study the effect of technology across four socio-economic factors:

1) Quality of Life
2) Competitiveness of local enterprise systems
3) Effectiveness and Efficiency of government
4) Overcoming the digital divide

The conversation has just begun… haul yourself to to join in and contribute. Maybe there is a thought leader hidden in you… 🙂