I stroll down a winded path,
I am rarely alone, accompanied by thoughts,
Like silver strands of a confused spider-web
Which swing in and out of the ray of light
Visible, palpable now, gone to be replaced in a second
by a different strand.

As I walk, my dreams appear as facades lining my path,
Tall insurmountable structures,
Sometimes the doormen beckon, and I stop,
I jump the fence with a smile
Only to see that the facade is indeed that.
Facades don’t have doors…yet their presence is comforting.

I walk on, and see others like me walking on their paths
Some parallel, some perpendicular.
Our paths cross, we meet, we share and form bonds…
before I move on and so do they. I keep watching them.
I see them stumble. I watch them fall. Like I do sometimes…
As I watch, they pick themselves up and wipe the dust of their clothes.
Like I do. They are my companions that way… we are bound by gravity.

Sometimes, as I walk, my feet hurt. I want to rest.
But, I am afraid the path in front of me will disappear.
I am afraid to sleep.
What if I wake up and have nowhere to walk?
So I keep moving. I ignore the hurt. Sometimes I cry.
And the tears leave their trails on the dust.

I have no illusion of being in a safe place.
I know there are walls which shelter me from the floods.
But sometimes, the levees break.
Waters of destruction consume my fellow travelers.
I cry more tears for them. I feel my legs tremble.
I reach into the deep recesses of my past
and pull out candy-floss-memories. I keep walking.

But the mud left behind by the floods,
makes it difficult for me to walk.
I struggle as invisible hands of the past,
drag me into the spiderweb strands spun by my dead companions.
Those strands want to become mine.
Those dreams cannot exist without the dreamer…
and they want to become mine.

It soon becomes difficult to walk.
But I can’t stop. I can’t rest.
I chase the disappearing sun…but the clouds win.
I run away from the flood waters, but the rain drenches me.
I run out of candy-floss-memories.
Then… I hear your voice. I finally stop.
I turn around and there – I see you…
My silver lining.