Hi folks! The random readers and the few followers of Grimescene will be happy to know that there will be a 100 pieces of grime on this blog, after this one goes online. The fewer readers who know me personally will be more surprised than anything else, that I have carried on a venture for so long. Actually, this is a classic case of knowing one’s limitations and working around them. A look at the diversity of the categories of my blog will give one an idea about how I have taken care to mix it up. Kept it interesting (for myself). Threw caution to the winds and ditched predictability for variability.

I thought long and hard (exactly 7.5 minutes) about how I can make this 100th post momentous. Maybe I could timeline the blog – do an analysis on its development. Maybe I could do a “Hits and Misses” kind of list. Then I decided I would talk about in detail about one aspect of this blog that I haven’t done yet…the author.

I am kidding. 🙂

This blog never was or will be about me. We take ourselves too seriously anyway… starting a blog or writing about oneself is like dedicating a memorial to oneself at a busy city square. Look look – that’s me. Aren’t I awesome?

So what is the reason for the existence of Grimescene? Is there are reason for the Mushrooms to spring up randomly on the forest floor after the rains? Hardly…they are just there, because they can be there. I guess, Grimescene exists because it can. Because I can write a bit and the great folks at WordPress provide a great platform and free storage space. But while it exists, Grimescene will always attempt to throw a little bit of opinion here and there. Try to make its readers laugh a bit. Try to inspire some awe by showing pictures of sunsets and blue seas. Again not because it is its job…but because (sorry for repeating myself) it can. It will indulge in shameless schmoozing of mommy-bloggers with images and words of a beautiful child it is in love with. It will be place where two lovers will leave their messages for one another…anonymously. This is a place which will keep reminding the boss that humans, not machines work for him. It will dream of writing novels and stop after 800 words. It will get happy when 200 people read it one day, and it won’t be particularly sad if only 19 read it the next. And all this because…well… it can.

As I am writing this I realize that Grimescene is not about me. It is me. It is my attempt not to take myself seriously. Or in other unique never before heard words – I exist because I can. I am not going to become president of a country one day or bring about solace to millions of hurting people or invent something that will change the world. There is never going to be a Grimescene Prize for Peace or Literature as there will never be a Grimescene Fashion Week. All these things are big. Grimescene is small. As I am. But in this limited space that I occupy I will try little positive things and elicit little comments, little laughs and little tears. (Even little yawns.)

And it is this lack of any world-changing grandeur that is the secret of why Grimescene has continued to exist without pressure. Like a little breeze by the sea that one enjoys – but doesn’t really miss, once it goes silent.

Well, dear readers, here is a small thanks from a small person and his small world. Thanks for spending your time and reading my words. And as a special gift for you, I have a small confession. Every word here, no matter how small, has been written for you. For Jam n’ Abha, for HG, for KM, for KC, for AK, for HC, for John, for Aunty G and her rhymes, for all the mommy-bloggers, for Nam. Dub., for someone named after an Amazonian snake, for Kavans, Bhaskar and Suraj who I know read everything I write – for all whom I have no time to mention – and of course for you Dee… maybe I do all of this just to impress her – a little. 🙂

Love Y’all! … and keep reading!