Just caught the news at CNN.com… Obama has garnered 297 333 electoral votes. That is 27 63 more than that is required to gain majority and win. Though the election is not over yet – it can be safely said that Obama will be the 44th president of the United States of America.

Though it is amazing that it took 43 terms for a Black president to come to power – it is also amazing that a Black president has come to power in the most powerful nation on earth. This represents more than a sea change in the way world will view issues such as race and religion.

This is much more than a win for the “other” party in one nation… this is the dawn of a new era. Lets just hope he lives up to all that hype.

Congratulations Mr.Obama…your job has just begun.

Edited: Watching Obama’s victory speech at Chicago live on cnn.com… this is one of the best speeches I have heard – and it is already clear that Obama is going to be a “Center” president – not left nor right. He began by thanking McCain and calling him a great leader – before he congratulated his campaign team and family. He said that we hold the same values as Republicans of Individual Liberty – and though the Democratic party has won comprehensively today, the victory comes with a sense of humility. And for the people who didnt vote for Obama…he assured that he hears them and he will be their president too. He acknowledged that his job would be the repair the divides in the country…because this is a time for the country and the world to be one.