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Thou shalt toil to bring change to the world.

So…the time to choose the “Most Powerful Man on Earth” is nigh. As has been mentioned a million times by a frenzied media-on-steriods…this is probably one of the most historic races for the US presidency, ever. One doesn’t need to be a “Senior Political Correspondent” to figure out why. My 10 reasons why this election has been one heck of showdown:

#1: An African-American with Islamic roots and a Woman fought each other for the Democratic Nomination – African-American wins (Grimescene wrote about this here: https://grimescene.wordpress.com/2008/01/22/why-obama-should-win-and-why-he-wont/)
#2: The Elections are to replace a president and a government that has probably touched the nadir of popularity
#3: The age difference between the Dem and Rep nominees is a quarter of a century
#4: Obama’s rise to power has been probably the swiftest in the history of American politics
#5: Never has a US election been so eagerly watched by a Global Audience…with the nominees visiting heads of state in Europe and Asia. And these guys aren’t even president yet!
#6: The largest voter turnout in 100 years is expected – African-Americans, Latinos and Young Folk are expected to turn up in large numbers
#7: McCain reinforced the title of “Maverick” by selecting a total “wild-card” (Palin) as his running mate – while the other “Wild-card” (Obama) chose a guy with a tendency to put his foot in his mouth (Joe Biden). The jury on that one is split. (Grimescene covered this here: https://grimescene.wordpress.com/2008/08/05/the-hillary-conundrum/)
#8: America is facing the two largest threats it has in modern history: Terrorism and The Economy. The incumbent will inherit a Pandoras Box of issues – and neither candidate has been able to inspire bulletproof confidence on how they will handle them. Maybe right now the Elephant is too large to view as one whole.
#9: It has also been the most acrimonious campaign in recent memory – “terrorist” and “pig” are just two examples of names being given to the other candidate.
#10: Both campaigns – esp. Democrats – have spent record amounts of money on the internet, television and other media. Obama ditched the traditional public-financing system – and used his charm and connections (and the internet) to raise $639 million as of last week. The highest ever. McCain stuck to the old route and could manage “only” $360 million.

As of today, Obama leads in all nationwide and most statewide polls – and that too by a healthy margin. For the 31 states which allow pre-voting – the turnout has been unprecedented – especially amongst Dem voters. Even the typically accurate and politcally neutral Economist has Barrack on this week’s cover which says “IT IS TIME”.

Yes, it is time. Forget about their stands on policies or their solutions for the problems of the world. If the US President is but a figurehead of tremendous power and influence – then Obama is the Moses  of the modern world. He is fearless and passionate – and speech after speech, debate after debate – he has come out as a man on a mission. And way the seas are parting for him…I would say he is on a mission from God. The wise ones say that “It ain’t over till it’s over!” I say – as we go into the Eleventh Hour – it was over the day Barrack Obama decided to stand for President of the United States. Because that day, suddenly and almost miraculously, millions of people decided to follow the Eleventh Commandment.

Thou shalt toil to bring change to the world.