There was once a man called Raj Th****ay,
Who vowed to keep outsiders at bay.
He shouted and screamed,
“All from UP and Bihar should be creamed!
Who cares if they built Mumbai with their toil?
They should go because they are not sons of our soil.”

He took a bunch of idiots and made an army,
And asked Bachchan to leave; how barmy!
So, with many a luminary a fight did he pick,
Ranting and raving like a deranged lunatic,
He claimed ownership of India’s greatest town,
Proceeded to riot and pillage to make the police frown.

Guess what Raj, you dimwit,
Your ideas amount to horseshit.
What matters is what you do, and not from where you hail,
Which is why now, your sorry ass is in jail. (wish it were without bail.)
‘Tis obvious no one taught you to be human in school,
because finally, you have trumped your uncle as the bigger fool.

– a very pissed off Mumbaikar.

Edited: As pointed out by Dee this is not a limerick in its truest sense. A limerick has 5 lines…in a,a,b,b,a format. Just wanted to do a take on “The License Raj”… 😉 Hope I am granted a bit of “poetic license”…