Dear Yankee/Gringo/Amriki/Amerikaner/American,

the world is watching you again.

Not with eyes of hatred or fear or envy – but with eyes of hope. In just three weeks, the present and future of six billion humans will be altered by 170 million of their brothers and sisters who are citizens of the most powerful political unit in the world. That includes you.

This is not an endorsement for Mr. McCain or Mr. Obama. I want you to understand that when you decide to spend an hour of your time, and cast your vote – you are contributing to the world in a way that is much larger than just a vote. When you drive down to your local election center and exercise your choice – you are representing the voices, fears and hopes of billions who look upon you to do that right thing. These voices you may never hear with your ears, these billions you may never see with your eyes – but we know you exist. We are aware that you represent a power more real and more potent than any other in the history of humanity. We are not fools to be swayed by the hegemony of your political leaders. We are not afraid of your nuclear arsenal or the fact that you sport more aircraft carriers than the rest of the world combined. We are not devastated when your government makes hasty and misinformed decisions of military action – or  when your financial institutions destroy themselves in a tornado of avarice. What devastates us is that you brought that government into power, and that you fueled the greed of men with your insatiable desire for a better life. What scares the bejesus out of us is that you will not spend as much on Christmas gifts as you did last year, or that you will default on your mortgage. Because the true power of America lies in the ka-ching at Walmart, and gallons of fuel you consume. Your true power shows when one of your countrymen donates his time and billions to fight someone else’s war against tyranny or disease. What you do, my dear American friend, affects my life and the lives of billions who haven’t taken the Oath of US citizenship.

Even with all the wars that you have been involved in – America has lead the world in peace. In civil liberty. In racial equality. In the triumph of the individual dream over state. In economic freedom. In technology and what it can achieve. In democracy. Time and again – you have fought your demons with a fierceness and resolve that we admire, and hope to emulate. But was it a government that brought about these changes? Was it a single omnipotent leader? No. It was you, living in a Chicago Suburb, with a station wagon, wife, two kids and Bingo.

We are confident that you will fight the demons facing you today with the same resolve. Because we know that the real power of America is you – because you decide who will be your face to the rest of us. We do not envy you, my dear American. As they say, “Wary lies the head, that wears the crown”. We have no doubt that you wear the crown today. So we look to you to do the right thing and lead the way as a leader should – without prejudice, without being swayed by sloganeering, remarks on lipsticks and pigs, or by the color of someone’s skin.

You, as an American live a privileged life. It is time again for you to earn that privilege and bring about the change we all deserve.

May November 4th be the new Independence Day.

Yours Truly / Your Friend,

A representative of the rest of the world.