I woke up this morning with a disturbing scenario playing in my head. Decided to get public opinion on the same. Imagine the following:

You are standing alone at your favorite chai wallah (chai to be substituted with whatever intoxication you prefer on a regular basis), comfortably lost in your thoughts. Someone you know (but not very well), an acquaintance, walks up, looks you in the eye, and tells you “I don’t like you” and walks away.

What would you do?

1) Don’t give a damn. Continue with comfortable thoughts about your impending global dominance (or whatever).
2) You will let the person go…but your garb of comfort would be shaken. You will wonder…for a long time…why doesn’t that person like me? What did I do? Over time you would forget about it.
3) Your entire world would be rocked – and a pandoras box of insecurities and regrets would open up. You will chase the person and not rest until you find out what the hell you did wrong.
4) Other (please elucidate)


P.S.: I can imagine a lot of responses which go – “depends on the person“. Just think of a co-worker not in your immediate circle of influence.