Just heard from a colleague. Bomb blasts occured in 5 discrete locations around Bangalore – in India. As usual there is total lack of information – and the only current source is NDTV.com. I hope all of you from Bangalore and your kin are fine and unaffected. Don’t worry if you are not able to get through to anyone on your phone. There is nothing you can do about it and in all probability all should be fine. A show of hands by readers from Bangalore would be great…just drop a comment.

>>Additional sound advice from Abha in Bangalore: Stay put wherever you are. Don’t panic. This shall pass.

>>Updates from Punya (doing some Punya ;)):

Bangalore has been hit by five serial bomb blasts at crowded locations. The blasts reportedly occurred at Nayandahallil, Anepalya, Madiwala and Koramangalam within a span of 12 minutes, leaving at least 3 dead.

According to preliminary reports, the first blast took place at 1.30 in the afternoon.

Bomb squads have been rushed to the blast sites. The telephone lines have been jammed.