Dhruv is a late sleeper. Some might count it as one of my parental failures – but I cannot for the life of me get him to sleep before 11. I take him to bed at 11…and then he takes half an hour to sleep. We have this ritual where I open his BIG storybook with 365 stories…he closes his eyes and randomly points at one of the 365 and I read it out to him. I don’t know how much he understands but he definitely seems highly interested in the funny expressions I make and the weird voices his otherwise staid father emanates.

All that has changed in the past two weeks. Much to my inexplicable horror he has developed an inexplicable liking for his Maths and English work book. So everynight before going to bed he wants to solve puzzles. All ill-informed reader might not grasp the full weight of this development…so let me try and explain. People in my immediate family don’t study unless they absolutely have to. By God’s grace and lots of luck we are doin quite ok in our lives… but studies? Nope…not something that has ever kept us awake at night. My son’s mother is not too much of a crammer either… so this development is as significant as the discovery of fossilized bacterial genetalia on Mars. (hmm…that’s a weird metaphor…)

So every night I have to make him do puzzles involving basic maths and english…and my little genius always does so well! The other night I was on the phone with Dee…and he was patiently waiting for me to start the noctural cerebral exercises… He scribbled on the notepad with his pen, opened the pen up to inspect its internals, the closed the pen again and tried to balance it on his little nose, then tried to put the pen through various holes on his face… then he got bored. So he suddenly turns away from me and starts writing something on the pad. I am curious. I try to peer over his shoulder – but he shrugs me off. Then he turns and asks me “Dad, “the” kaise likhte hain”? “T-H-E” I said going back to my nocturnal cerebral exercises… Then after some time he asks, “Dad, “best” kaise likhte hain?” I raised my eyebrows as I spelt it out to him…wondering what the little tyke was up to.

Then after busily cutting and scribbling for a couple of minutes he turned back to show me the notepad – he had written “U R the best.” He read that aloud in his sweet baby voice and immediately buried his face in the covers… My four year old wrote me a “love note”. AWWWWWWWWW.

It was then I realized that yeah…that is MY kid. 😉 And that I am the luckiest father alive.