Ah silence. Ah peace.


I might be hanging by one arm from an overcrowded local train…but I will still feel silence and peace… when I think of you.


I don’t change when I am around you… maybe I am really me, only when I am around you. Because around you I don’t feel threatened. I don’t feel pressed to perform. I don’t feel the latent discomfort of the unsaid. With you I am just there where I am supposed to be.  And you don’t know how precious that is.


I look at your eyes, which – during the rare times when they actually meet mine – do not judge me. They look at me with wonder…like a child’s. What is so wonderous about me? I don’t know… but it makes me feel special. A delusion maybe? If so…somehow I don’t care.


When we talk – I look forward to the next set of words that you will speak. I can never guess, can never predict. Every conversation we have is like a fresh layer of snow on a beautiful peak. Made up of snowflake-words – each unique, each beautiful. Am I afraid this will end tomorrow – or the day after? Surprisingly I am not – because somehow i feel after each beautiful conversation that our best one is yet to come. But inspite of that…I love our silences. I was made to believe by others that words are important… now I realize there is so much beauty in silence.


You are beautiful. You are not my reflection…but you are my partner. And most of all you are human – like I am. And I can’t wait to discover the rest of my own life…with you.