Responding to Abha’s request…and also because I was DYING to tell this to someone. 🙂 Yesterday, over dinner at the latest swanky pizza place in Powai (Papa Johns), my mother asked Dhruv – “So what did you learn at school?” Typically such questions are not responded to… boys generally don’t like talking about what they did in school. (and the same boys turn to men who don’t talk. period. don’t blame us…we are like this only.) Anyway – to our pleasant surprise he said between mouthfuls of garlic sticks (ok, so I need to teach him some table manners…) “Sleeping line. Standing line.”

“Huh?” muttered I, between mouthfuls of pepperoni and cheese. (ok, so he gets his table manners from me. So…sue me.)

He looked at me as if wondering “Which village did this guy come from?” Then he put on his most patient expression (and made me feel like taking in mouthfuls of Dhruv) and drew the “H” in the air with his little oily fingers. “Standing line, standing line, sleeping line. H! See? Simple!” And then he gave a triumphant grin having taught his know-it-all papa something new.

Not to be outdone by a four year old – I immediately asked him “So how do you show ‘A’?” He shook his little mushroom head in mock disgust and said drawing A in the air “Up the hill. Down the hill. Sleeping line. A!”

I was getting creamed by a kindergarten kind.

In a last ditched attempt to salvage some pride – I asked him…”Ah ha…but what about B?” Mocking him with that thing I do with my eyebrows when I am down and out. He now puts up a look of mock despair! (I am enrolling him in theater classes today!!) He goes, “Dad! Straight line…Bumpity, Bumpity!” Thankfully I had just swallowed the last of the pizza – so I didn’t choke… I was so proud that I just reached across the table and planted a loud kiss – which promptly was wiped off in undisguised disgust.

Finally his grandma asked him – “Alright Dhruv…what about this?” (Drawing “C” in the air) “Just one big bumpity?” His virtuoso performance ended with a look of wisdom that would have made Robin Sharma sell his Ferrari. “No Dadi…that is just a C.”

Case closed. As usual… the child has the last word…sorry – letter…