Have been off the scene for a while – probably because have been involved in something larger than I ever have before. One of those things which can change lives and careers. Can’t say much about it now – stay tuned for the first week of July. You will hear about it. 😉

Well, the hand might not be writing junk, but the brain does not stop collecting it. Decided to restart something new. So moved my address from Damnhobsons to Grimescene@wordpress.

Grimescene? My tribute to the world we live in. From incestuous fathers to 300 pieces chopped by a good catholic girl…truth certainly has beaten fiction. This is not crime…something much worse…something that shows that humans are part honey and part rot. This is grime of the filthiest kind.

Don’t worry…will not suddenly turn into an undercover reporter now… but the name and header are just a tribute to the huge “Grimescene” we live in today.

Watch out for my next post… and hey! Welcome back. 🙂