Readers. (If I still have any left!) The blog is back after a long hiatus…no excuses offered. In fact if I owe an apology to anyone it would be the blog itself – and the thousands of tireless workers who give it life. I can imagine hundreds of lines of sulking html code discussing with annoyed Javascript and irritated Cascading Style Sheets:
“What’s wrong with this guy?!”
“Doesn’t he feel anymore?”
“Doesn’t he need us anymore?”
Au contraire my dear tags, brackets, semi colons and forward slashes…I need you all. I am bursting from the seams with unexplored ideas, unexploited witticisms and unintended puns. I know you guys today go under the name of “Web 2.0” and everything’s gotta be real time – but hey, good stuff needs time to germinate. I appeal to you for patience and understanding. The time is nigh when I shall unleash your potent forces on the suspecting world outside…
Would you like to make the audience laugh recounting the hilarious conversation I had with a German expat?
Would headbang in tune with the A-Z of Rock? (Imagine a headbanging Semi-colon!)
Would you hold a protest march support my disillusionment with the IT industry?
Would you reconfigure yourselves into a Tag Heart to show the love that fills me?
If the answer is yes…then stay primed. Your time in the sun is here.
Get ready to “Rock n’ Roll”! 😉