Today at the stroke of midnight, planet earth will begin another dreary journey around the sun, dodging planet fragments, comets, asteriods named after painters and other cosmic and man made threats which we don’t know about yet. A certain ball will descend in a big apple – and if that sounds weird, imagine thousands of humans gathered around the same, indulging in orgiastic revelery, chanting to mystic rhythms, each suffering from what Messrs. Floyd would have termed “A Momentary Lapse of Reason”. Closer to home in aamchi Mumbai – there will be no descending globule – maybe due to the lack of an open area big enough for that – but my fellow citizens would give party-goers from anyplace in the world, a rabid run for their monies… Yup. We know how to party alright. Be it shelling out 13000 bucks per head to match Tanushree Dutta Jhatka by Jhatka as she sways her ample hips (oh god – can’t earth like turn back so we don’t have to see this?!) or to watch Koena Mitra writhing on the floor like a highly paid snake-goddess…or shelling out even more to hear Anthony Alfonso (eh? who?) play paino under a magnificently painted dome, while gorging on Ostrich egg delicacies and the finest caviar from Ulhasnagar. (this one is Zodiac Grill at the Taj)
The young ‘uns will be fighting to get into the various watering holes around the city – and probably end up getting drunk in Versova or Aksa. Meanwhile, all our stars will have a busy working night…where they will attempt to make up for failed movies and horrid performances of the year gone by… poor things. If they weren’t raking in so much money, I would almost feel sorry for them! Two stars who would not be working (and deserve not to) would be the Khan duo of Shah Rukh and Aamir. Aamir would be mostly working on getting every expression correct for his award speeches…Taare Zameen Par was a debut effort par excellence – measured, confident, well-researched. The Don on the other hand would spend a quiet evening with family and friends – and make sure that every paper in the country would report what a good homely person he is. No celebrations in the Bachchan household – atleast none that would permeate to the hungry world outside. If the cameras do manage to get into Prateeksha – one can be sure to see Ms.Rai putting on a sombre performance which would make Bhansali wonder “Why couldn’t she do this in Devdas?!!”.
The rest are insignificant.
Which brings me to me. I will have a quiet evening with the people I love…and resolve not to break my resolutions. This year was probably the most eventful year of my life – dizzying highs and appalling lows… If there is one thing that I would ask from God for this new year – it would be predictability.
A very very happy new year to all my readers – God Bless you and your families.