What is it about Children that brings the best in you?

That makes you behave in ways that you wouldn’t normally embrace?

Is it the way they look at you with no hint of malice in their eyes?

Is it the way they don’t judge you by your actions?

Can it be because for you they represent everything that is pure in this world?

Maybe because even their little lies are sincere and are meant to give you no harm?

Or is it the way their desires from you are so simple – and their affections for you unrelated to their fulfilment?

Could it be because they never offload the troubles of a long hard day on you?

Or the way they forget and forgive at the drop of a kiss?

Perhaps you love the way they wonder and delight at every small pleasure that life has to offer…and feel no less happy if those pleasures are not there?

Could it be because they are the closest you will ever get to God?

Or maybe, it is because deep in your heart you wish you were more like them…