My first in the series of suggested outlines for Harry Potter sequels.

Harry is now a 36 year old family man – living in Modern london. He has been hired by the British Government as a “Consultant” – helping the muggle world deal with magical threats. On Christmas, there is a terror strike on London – with the London Eye as the target. Lots of innocent lives are lost – and MI6 cannot for the life of them ascertain the MO of the attack. No known explosive substances are found in the vicinity – it is as if someone had “blown” the huge structure down. Harry is called in – and immediately suspects magical forces at work. As he lunges into the investigation – he uncovers an underground magical movement with it’s origins in deserts of Persia. Soon – he starts receiving threats from unknown sources asking him to back off. Albus Severus – Harry’s second son disappears from Hogwarts the same day Harry’s scar starts to hurt again. A nationwide hunt lead by Harry and helped by his friends Hermione and Ron is launched – and along the way they come across clues which surprisingly lead to suggest Voldemort’s return. Has Albus been kidnapped by the Aftakhoon – the leader of the evil Persial army? Has Aftakhoon joined forces with Al Qaeda – and is preparing to launch an attack on the Western world like they have never seen before? Is he being aided by Voldemort who has yet again survived death? Can Harry and his friends save the world from the new wave of terrorism – now aided by ancient magic, far more powerful than anything that they have ever encountered? Find out in the exciting 8th installment of the series – Harry Potter and The Axis of Evil.

Maybe I gotta change the name. 😉 Comments please.