The second album by the Grammy winning (Best new artist 2005) California quintet – Maroon 5 – debuted #1 on the Billboard charts – hitting platinum in the US in just 3 weeks. It has the highest first week sales in history and it’s first single “Makes me wonder” broke the iTunes store record for sales. Did they deserve all this?

Their catchy blend of 80’s pop (Prince/Police/Talking Heads) meets new age alternative – is instant music to the ears. Frontman Adam Levine is greatly influenced by soul/hip-hop and every song is foot tapping starting from the album opener “If I never see your face again”, going on to the heavily played “Makes me wonder” and the soon to be classic “Wake up call”. The lyrics are all about love and relationships and though less misogynistic than their first multi-platinum “Songs about Jane” album, they do promote a male point of view of the cheating /disgruntled woman.

“Won’t go home without you” is a direct tribute to “Every Breath you take” – with the famous bass hook forming the background. It also is a beautiful love song. “Can’t Stop” is pure dance-floor energy with a chorus reminscent of the The Rolling Stones. Which then brings the best song of the album. “Goodnight Goodnight” is the kind of song that sets Maroon 5 ahead of the pack. Beautiful lyrics, gentle singing, soulful rhythm and a passionate chorus – paint a picture of heartbreak and acceptance. This is Levine accepting that relationships can break – and no one really is at fault.

The album moves on with a couple of excellent ballads “Not Falling Apart” & “Better that we break” and more foot tappers “Kiwi” & “Back at your door”.

It is a great album – which improves with every listening…perfect for long drives when you pop the CD in, tap your fingers on the wheel and think about nothing but the sweet sounds of soulful pop delivered in what is now “Maroon 5” style.

4 stars out of 5.