Quintura seems to be catching peoples’ fancy…and it is a good thing. While monolithic brands like Google are good – they aren’t the best for innovation. Once in a while, some crazy russian should appear out of the depths of Siberia and send a chill through Silicon Valley.

Now we will see how to extend Quintura to the desktop. Quintura has a desktop client very imaginatively called the Quintura Web Search Client. You can download it at http://company.quintura.com/download/ . (While there you can read about the crazy russians who started this…)

Once you install the client – it opens like a usual window’s based program – which emulates the web search page. Only difference? You can select your poison… which basically means you do not have to depend on Quintura’s yet-to-be completely mature database…and select whichever search engine you want – with the tag clouding functionality! Cool isn’t it?

Now the desktop part. For this you need to have Google Desktop installed – yep…that monolith again. But Google Desktop isn’t bad…I like it. Once installed – you can add Google Desktop to the search engine list in the Quintura Client (from options)

Then select Google Desktop from the list – and put in your search words. Voila! You have tag cloud with keywords from files on your harddrive!

Believe me it is addictive…and you will realize sifting through the junk on your computer can be so much fun!!

Try it… comments are welcome…