Oh yeah…JBJ is bad.

Commentor Vidooshak was right about the “intention” though… but mentioning this monstrosity in the same breath as Pyaasa will make Dutt-saab’s ashes turn cold.

He intended to make something new, even tried to emulate the experimental/art-noveau-yet-commercial form of cinema which has been used by his mentor (Mani) with great effect… but I think his immaturity shows through…like imitation “tunde-ke-kababs”.

The dialogue is dense, assiduously assinine – the actors are obviously trying to say something “deep” but hey we paid money to watch this crap…so we ain’t exact “gifted” are we? 😉

The songs have got nothing to do with him or anyone else I berated in the review. Shankar-Ehsann-Loy cannot go wrong…period. And Gulzar has penned the lyrics…never thought he knew so much Punjabi.