My favorite online technology portal – ZDNET (no they aren’t paying me – but they should) – ran a controversial and extremely difficult experiment. One of their editors decided to live a fortnight without – gasp – Google.

And thank heavens he did that – because though as expected – nothing beats Google, he found a worthy alternative. Wanna know what it is? 🙂


I tested it. It is absolutely stupendous. It is what web 2.0 is all about. Go to and check it out!

It has got two halves – results on the right (which are pretty decent by the way) and a “tag cloud” on the left. So my search for JBJ (proving my continuing obsession with it) gave me the usual links on the right – along with other key words arranged in seeming disarray (only not) on the left.

Now this is why I say this will be the future of search… take the mouse cursor anywhere on the tag cloud and say highlight “photo gallery” like i did in the screen shot below:

The links on the right automatically change to reflect what you highlighted…so I got a great listing of all JBJ photo galleries… REAL-TIME. (of course how real-time depends on the speed of your connection…)

A whole new world of possibilities open-up with “tag-clouding” – people now will be like amateur detectives…sniffing out information, following trails of tags to arrive at the best possible result. The power is now with us…not with some crazy scientists surrounded by lava-lamps and gourmet food. (oh how I want to work for google…)

This is true Web 2.0 isn’t it? Power to the user. In my next blog I will explain how you can get the tag cloud functionality for your desktop searches… 😉 It’s cool. Believe me.