Ok so there is no Cholera here – but a metaphor for the depressive mental sickness that I am feeling these days. And I tend to forget that love can persist in these times. (funny how your own troubles can paint the whole world dark…you forget that there are millions of people finding love and happiness in spite of all odds)

Talked at length with a colleague some days ago. Almost a confirmed bachelor till some months ago – he was gushing about this woman he met on an online marriage portal. They started communicating, and 3 months later met her in person. (different city) Love blossomed. Parents concurred. (obviously happy their ageing children were settling down – and the fact that neither of them is ineligible) But he was so confident about their relationship – in the face of my failing one – that it gave me hope. Love will always be there. People will always fall for each other. Cholera or no cholera. In our country where girls and boys don’t really get many opportunities to interact – marriage portals are a god send. They give one hope that Mr/Ms Soulmate is out there and is searchable in an online database. Cool. The topic of this entry should be love in the time of technology and web 2.0.

Even his bachelor pad looked much more inviting and warm – one could detect the emotional presence of a woman there. What is this change that women bring in the hardiest of men? We suddenly lighten up, start taking care of ourselves, become more sensitive. We become more like…them. Think about it. What women like in men is a potent (and impossible to attain fully) mixture of Yin and Yang. The “womanesque” qualities are not something we are born with – but the pheromones in the air react with our testosterone and before you know it we are “soft”. And it is these soft qualities which accentuate the manliness in us even more. This change definitely, in every case I have seen, including mine – makes a man a better, more sensitive person. Don’t know if one can say the same about the effect of a man on a woman though. Maybe a woman should comment on that…

But that is love for a man. A lot of it is sexual I guess…but a lot of it is also a subconscious need to discover our soft side. To be taken with a pinch of salt. My colleague is getting married in August…and I wish with all my heart that he and his partner find the happiness I can’t seem to. Because, no matter what happens to any of us, love should always thrive.